“One picture is worth more than ten thousand words”


This workshop is aimed at being a stepping stone into the field on image processing. The objective of the sessions is to give a working information of the concepts, their potential applications and how the participants can use them, in their own unique way.

Tentative Daily Schedule

The workshop shall be :

  • Intensive activity for 12 working days. Tentative dates 7th-21st Dec, 2011.
  • Concept introduction sessions in the morning ( 10am-1am ).
  • Lab sessions in the afternoons ( 2pm-5pm ).
  • Trekking tours have also been planned as a fun activity.


  • Participants shall be expected to form a group of 4 for the team project.
  • The tutors of this workshop shall provide guidance for the project based on the work they have done in the respective fields.
  • Certificate shall be awarded to the participants who demonstrate their skills by completing the project.
  • Selected projects shall be later put on display as a poster in an expected event that might be organized later in January.


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