“One picture is worth more than ten thousand words”

Project ideas

These are some project ideas that we have thought. We will be assigning projects to you based on your performance throughout the workshop  and knowledge in the field of DIP. [PDF]

1. Analysis with ICPR-2010 medical dataset

2. Analysis with ICPR-2012 medical dataset

3. Analysis of beta cell dataset

4. Analysis of blood stain dataset

5. Analysis with satellite image data

6. Enhancement of histology, CT, MRI

7. False coloring – visualization of weather map

8. Shortest distance on delhi metro

9. Video mosaic

10. Character recognition

11. Simple physics simulation

12. Simple video surveillance

13. Hand dataset

14. Removal of periodic noise

15. Calculating resistance from given resistor using color codes

16. Implementation of Lossless Invisible Watermarking System

17. Lossless Translucent Visible Watermarking System

18. Remote Sensing Based Project

19. Image Stitching

20. Road Detection from Satellite images

21. Car Detection from Video/still images

22. License Plate Detection

23. Individual Character Segmentation

24. Feature Selection and Character Recognition (SVM)

25. Tracking for PETS2000 dataset

26. Image similarity

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